Provide investors with long term capital appreciation with a sustainable outperformance over a predetermined benchmark.

Offer investors, under one umbrella, an opportunity to invest across asset classes, both listed and private and achieve a clear advantage and efficiency of returns by optimal balance of portfolio allocation across these classes.

HNIs neither have the capacity nor the access to such opportunity today and fund aims to fill that gap with institutional approach of investing in this asset class and reap the optimal benefit for the individual investor of the fund.

We offer an

ideal investment mix via private portfolio management

For Optimal Returns

Our investment approach is simple : regardless of our view of the economy, business prospects and the markets in general, we will devise a defensive strategy that fits our view of the opportunity at the time and execute that plan aggressively based on predetermined profit and maximum loss targets. We will manage and monitor our profit targets regularly for every single investment and calibrate them based on the updated view. This approach is the highest level guiding principle for all our investments in any asset class.

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